The desire to make quick bucks with little or no effort is driving people to explore new and illegal ways of earning of money. These people take technology to their advantage, create doctored nude images of celebs or grab images from previously published photoshoots and circulate these nude celeb pics online. In some cases, celebrities are caught unaware while they are bathing nude at beaches thinking it as a secluded beach. There are also cases where an individual’s picture was taken before he/she became a well-known personality. In extreme instances, people are hacking into the cloud storage accounts of celebs, stealing their private photos and leaking them to hd porn site as
Also, the person responsible will be subject to prosecution and can attract severe penalty. Let’s see what the law has to say with regards to circulation of nude celeb pics without their consent.
Copyright Law and Selfies: When someone takes a selfie or a photo, he becomes the owner/author of the photo with total control over the photo. So, when a celeb takes a photo, he/she becomes the owner of that photo. When the selfie shows up on the porn website, the owner of the photo can demand to have the photo taken down as the photo was uploaded on the site without his/her consent. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act comes to the assistance of the owner of the photograph wherein the owner can send a notice which involves a simple letter. In the state of California, posting a photo without the consent of owner is a criminal violation. Each state has its own separate law to deal with photographs that are being circulated without the owner’s consent.
Invasion of Privacy Law: State of New Jersey’s invasion of privacy law, enacted in 2004 prohibits all kinds of activities associated with illegal handling of photographs such as selling, providing, publishing etc. to name a few. The penalty that it can attract is 3-5 year prison sentence or fine up to $30,000. Wisconsin and Idaho also have laws similar to those lines.
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Electronic Communications Privacy Act: Hacking into someone’s storage account, stealing information and circulating the private pictures are serious crimes. People responsible for these acts can be prosecuted under the above mentioned laws and the penalties for these could land them in jail for years because of watch porn pics.
Child Pornography: In some states, sharing naked photographs without the subject’s consent is not completely illegal. However, sharing images of children under 18 is considered child pornography which can attract prosecution, lengthy imprisonment and not to mention that the person responsible will be registered as sex offender.
Civil Law Suits: In cases where the picture is not a selfie and the owner of the picture is someone else, the individual/celeb can file an expensive civil law suit and claim damages through compensation.
Circulating nude celeb pics without taking the consent of the celebrity is not only a great breach of their privacy but also very unethical. Above all, porn pics at can also attract severe penalties.